Configuring acceptance of your invoices

This page covers setting up Xero and Financiery to let your customers accept your invoices.

To configure Xero to send the Accept link, login to Xero and go to Settings > General Settings > Email Settings. Under Templates, pick the Sales Invoice template. Change it to include text such as:

To accept the invoice for payment later click[Invoice Number]

Replace MyCompany in the link with a shorthand version of your company name, with only letters and numbers, no spaces or punctuation. Our test company is Fine and Dandy, so we use FineAndDandy:


You can then control the acceptance screen your customer sees by clicking the Configure button on the acceptances page:


Here you set name and contact details for the page, upload your logo (maximum 140 pixels high and 560 pixels wide), and choose the colour for heading and link text. The Site Folder is the shorthand name you entered in the Xero email settings.